What is a mantra?


In Sanskrit the word Mantra literally means – suggestion (mantrana). Mantra is a tool that is used to communicate with the subtle and supreme dimensions. Its known to produce super conciousness and divine “sight” if one follows its strict protocols. So, does this mean anyone can experience “God” ? If we fill our hearts with bhakti and the apply the right technique (Mantra yoga) the answer is simply – yes. I would not be extending this topic on the techniques of Mantra yoga, (perhaps on another post), however, there are 6 steps to a successful mantra.

(a) Guru (guide) – A mantra is a sound syllabul that fine tunes the cosmic energy. Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily yields good result. Thus, one must be vigilant and cautious of his/her action by recognizing the affects of the mantra.

(b) Beeja (seed) – Each mantra has a “seed” to invoke specific qualities or dieties, called as the Beeja. These Beeja are specific sound syllabus that was given by our great rishis which plants the “seed” of spiritual awakening.

(c) Raga (musical scale/melody) – a mantra recitation must follow specific musical “key”, to maintain the vibration on which the sound is based. Tempering this frequency would be either futile, or might produce ill effect.

(d) Deity (the lord of the mantra) – Worshipping the specific deity of a mantra, produces a sense of harmony and the expectation of what the end result would be.

(d) Shakti (energy/power) – A continous recitation of a mantra (Japa), creates an energy that is a balance between equilibrium (male) and manifestation (female). This energy will be felt and also manifest in the devotees concious mind.

(e) Kilaka (pillar) – Kilaka starts as a strong will to pursue the mantra, but when the energy is self sustaining, it integrates all the above for the manifest to occur.

Om Tat Sat


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