The Bhavas or Houses

sage1The bhava or houses symbolizes the 12 aspects of us. It provides clues to the astrologer on a persons specific areas in his / her journey of life. There is something called a Karaka (the one that’s responsible) for every house which carries its personalities.  The table below gives the bhava, its most common attribute and Karaka.

Bhava Most common attribute Karaka
1 Physical self-appearance Surya
2 Wealth Guru
3 Sibllings & communication skills Sevvai
4 Mother & property Chandra
5 Progeny & education Guru
6 Enemies Sevvai
7 Spouse Shukra
8 Death & diseases Shani
9 Father & teacher Guru
10 Achievements & career Budhan
11 Income & profits/gains Guru
12 Expenditure & loss Shani


Om Tat Sat


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