Why so many gods?


after every consultation, I’m usually bombarded with questions on why and how things work in Jyotisa or rituals in the Hindu tradition. Of many questions, just yesterday a teenage kid was asking, “Why do we have so many gods?” It took me sometime to elaborate the concept of god and how we’re ‘connected’ to one another, but at the end he (somewhat) understood 🙂 But just in case someone ask you, here’s a concise explanation.

In our tradition, we believe that God is an energy that resides not only “within us” but everywhere else. In order to “reach” this energy we use any form or shape based on cultural and social upbringing. Eg; If someone is born and raised in a fishing community, there’s a high chance that they would ‘create’ a “god” that has some association with a fish. Is this wrong? certainly no! remember as long as we find a conducive medium to reach the supreme energy/being. This very idea has manifested many gods, 36 million estimated.


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