Kal Sarpa Dosham – a misguided concept!

kal sarpa dosha

If you’ve not heard about Kal Sarpa dosha and wondering what is it all about, well, it’s a ‘curse’ when all other grahas comes in between Rahu & Ketu. Or is it? 🙂

It’s important in any field of studies to support its basis on an authoritative reference. Likewise, for Jyotisa, the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Bhrigu Sutra, Kalyana Varma’s Saravali, Satya Jataka are guiding principles. Kal Sarpa dosha is not listed as part of the doshas in those books and thus, making it an unofficial claim.

Of course, having all grahas in one side of a chart has it’s meaning and significance, but misguiding people by giving it a fearful name like Kal Sarpa dosha is certainly a way for the astrologer to exploit and make $$$$.

So people, be mindful and vigilant before spending $$$$ in the name of parigaram or remedies.


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