The loving Pushya or Poosam (Tamil)

pushyaThe 8th asterism is Pushya or Poosam (Tamil). It maps stars in the constellation of Cancer. It’s known to be the best muhurta for journey especially, pilgrimage. Pushya is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘pushti’ or nourishment. A powerful nakshaktra.

Personality: Pushya have a very caring and soft heart. These personalities are known to be very loving and possessive towards their love ones. Many on these nakshaktras are nurses, doctors, healers etc. It’s all about nurturing. These folks may have the most number of “friends” in facebook 🙂

Special ability:  to create spiritual energy

Lordship: Shani bhagawan

Presiding deity: Lord Brihaspati (Guru)


Om Tat Sat


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