The pious Punarvasu or Punarpoosam (Tamil)

PunarvasuThe 7th asterism is Punarvasu or Punarpoosam (Tamil). It’s mapped within the stars of Gemini and Cancer. Lord Rama was born in this nakshaktra!

Personality: Punarvasus has ‘bhakti‘ in their genes! They are naturally spiritual however not many are seen in temples 🙂 They are more matured when it comes to spirituality, they see god as a friend and not some divine energy. They do not disclose their actual personality and can be obscured in other aspects as well. It’s difficult to gauge the personality of Punarvasus.

Special ability: Psychic or very strong instincts.

Lordship: Lord Brihaspati (Guru)

Presiding deity: Goddess Aditi

Om Tat Sat


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