The serious Mula or Moolam (Tamil)

maa-kali-upasak-astrologer-mob-07568599161-09549716865_1Mula is the 19th nakshaktra and is mapped in the constellation of Sagittarius. Mula is formed by a group of stars around the tail of the Scorpion constellation. Mula literally means the ‘root’ in Sanskrit.

Personality: Mulas are very philosophical and also deep thinkers. They tend to get to the ‘root’ of any issue. They love the supernatural and mystical. In any discussion these people tend to add the life’s lessons into it. Many preachers, spiritual gurus,astrologers, kundalini yogis, etc. are seen in this nakshaktra. These people are moody as they are constantly looking for spiritual truth while living in a materialistic world.

Special ability: Divine vision

Lordship: Ketu bhagawan

Presiding deity: Nirritti, the Goddess of Destruction


Om Tat Sat


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