The stylish Chitrā or Chittirai (Tamil)

VishwakarmajiThe 14th nakshaktra Chitrā is formed within the constellation of Virgo & Libra.  Chitra translates as “the beautiful one”.

Personality: Chitras are fond of all beautiful things. They adore beauty and attach themselves to everything that yields aesthetics. They have a gift to earn $$$$ in various avenues, most of them strife for material gains. Lord Kuja (Mars) is being their ruler, they always get (materialistic) what they want. The sense of Kama (worldly desire) is strong in them.

Special ability: materialistic capacity

Lordship: Lord Kuja (Mars)

Presiding deity: Viśvákarma or Tvaṣṭṛ 

Om Tat Sat


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