The graceful Uttara Bhadrapada or Uttiratathi (Tamil)

saraswatiIs the 26th nakshatra form in the constellation of  Pegasi and Andromeda. A woman born with Uttara Bhadrapada as her birth star is considered blessed by the goddess Lakshmi, and is considered “the gem of her family”

Personality: These people are careful with their words and mild mannered. They are also spiritual and find ways to discover it by reaching out to gurus, books, etc. Highly disciplined and may seem matured for their age. Always ready to help others, truly has a worldly view. It goes without saying that their intelligence are incomparable.

Special ability: powerful mind!

Lordship: Lord Shani (Saturn)

Presiding deity: Ahir Budhnya

Om Tat Sat


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