Am I happy, with what I do for a living?


Do you know there’s a way to predict the best career in vedic astrology? It’s important to understand that our career keeps changing and does not stick to just one field. For example, normally an astrologer would say you’ll do good in medicine, thus you’re best career path would be being a doctor or nurse and that’s it! This is not true.

In this fast moving world, we are constantly influenced and inspired by various jobs or things we really want to do. For example, you may be an IT professional who loves to start your own photography studio, own a real estate business, bake cakes and swim with sharks!

By analysing the D10 (Dashamsha) chart an astrologer would be able to predict with pinpoint accuracy where your passion lies and thus helping you to choose the “right” career.


Om Tat Sat


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