Know your Dasa – Buddha (Mercury) 17 years


A dasa (daśā) literally means, the ‘condition or state’. Based on a graha’s/planets dignity one may experience certain condition in a particular life time. Pleasant experiences if planet in good position or adverse otherwise. Dasa’s are used to predict events happening in general (vimshottari) or specifics(pratyantar, etc) using the Dasa bhuktis.


click here to get your current ruling dasa.

– respect and reverence from public
– increase in status by reputation
– gain in capital wealth
– comforts in conveyances (car, house, land, etc)
– comforts to the physical body (felicity)
– charity
– well-being in the family
– pilgrimage to holy places
– inclined towards religious practices.


– affliction with diseases
– failure in all venture
– dwelling in fear and anxiety
– physical distress
– obese
– lack of discretion thus making bad decisions
– easily influenced with superstitious happenings
– feeling lost and confused


Om Tat Sat




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