Know your Dasa – Rahu (18 years)

Lord-RahuA dasa (daśā) literally means, the ‘condition or state’. Based on a graha’s/planets dignity one may experience certain condition in a particular life time. Pleasant experiences if planet in good position or adverse otherwise. Dasa’s are used to predict events happening in general (vimshottari) or specifics(pratyantar, etc) using the Dasa bhuktis.

click here to get your current ruling dasa.

– great enjoyment
– capital wealth gains
– success in business contracts
– gains many friends
– travelling far and wide
– new interests
– adventurous
– destruction of enemy
– enthusiasm

– antagonism
– rebellious
– learning lessons through losing wealth and spouse
– suspicious
– breakups in legal partnership
– failure in business dealings
– sorrow
– most of the bad happenings will be sudden and not expected

Om Tat Sat


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