Know your Dasa – Shukra (20 years)

lord shukraA dasa (daśā) literally means, the ‘condition or state’. Based on a graha’s/planets dignity one may experience certain condition in a particular life time. Pleasant experiences if planet in good position or adverse otherwise. Dasa’s are used to predict events happening in general (vimshottari) or specifics(pratyantar, etc) using the Dasa bhuktis.

click here to get your current ruling dasa.

Shukra (Venus) – 20 years

– increases the feeling of love and asthetics
– great time to start business and huge profits $$$$.
– acquisition of conveyances (house, car, land, etc)
– marriages and loving relationship are seen in the dasa
– birth of children or grandchildren
– cordial relationship with everyone
– a time of love and happiness
– career and life promotion

– divorce
– adultery
– trouble from female companionship
– lost of capital wealth
– heart related diseases
– wasteful expenses
– demotion in career and generally life
– covetousness (strong feeling to posses/seize belongings of others)

Om Tat Sat


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