Pitra (पितर) Dosha or Ancestral Curse

the_curse_of_shiva_hi50What is Pitra Dosha
The Pitra Dosha , literally means ancestral curse is one of the major doshas(curse) in vedic astrology. A person afflicted with this dosha is prone towards :

The effects
a) Childlessness
b) Repeated miscarriages
c) Family disputes
d) Health issues in the family
e) Obstacles in career and education without any apparent reason
f) Inability to get married
g) Addictions
h) Birth of mentally challenged children
i) Demise of children at young age

How to analyse
In the horoscope the “pitra dosha” can be judged from the afflictions to the 9th lord and the 9th house from the “lagna” (ascendant) and the Moon. If simultaneously Sun is also afflicted by Saturn, “Rahu” or “Ketu”, the karmic issues get further enhanced. If, simultaneously, Moon also gets afflicted, the problem becomes more complicated.

Remedy (Parigaram)
As per Vedic astrology the following steps should be taken for solving the problems of “pitra dosha” as reflected in the horoscope.

a) One should take a vow to provide unconditional services to parents and elders. This helps in getting the grace of ancestors.
b) Good behavior and charity to needy persons is necessary. Good behavior to persons who are in our service is also necessary. Both of these are recommended for removing the “pitra dosha”
c) Worshipping Lord Vishnu is recommended because all the souls ultimately merge into the great entity of Lord Vishnu. This merger is called “mukti”.
d) perform ‘Tarpanam’


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