What happens when Mars gets debilitated (neecha or weak)

couch_potatoMars (Manggal/Kuja) is the graha(planet) of a warrior. It’s characteristics are:
(a) Rationality
(b) Tenacity
(c) Courage
(d) Will power
(e) Ambitious
(f) Anger
(g) will to act
(h) determination
(i) risk takers

Mars gets debilitated or weak when it is in the Rasi of Kataka (Cancer). This will make the person lose all the above qualities.

This simply means, the person has lack of courage, is fearful and uncertain about taking direct action which leading to feelings of insecurity that weaken their sense. These people act in an indirect manner, tends to move cautiously and avoid direct confrontation as much as possible.

Mars placement in cancer can attract some domestic disagreement and the individual can get highly defensive,uncooperative, and manipulative because their mars energy is drained into emotions. Because they have emotional nature due to that they care for others and sacrifice their own wishes for others with time resentment may build up because of this they feel lack in personal fulfillment.

This can cause unexpressed anger due to holding grudges for the long time. There is a tendency for people not in taking appropriate action. They have tendency of passive-aggressive behaviour hence fails to fight back in proper way when required and this causes greater tendency for more conflict and tension. People having Mars debilitated can get easily discouraged by rejection or criticism.The person would be prone to unnecessary tensions and worries and can be lacking in willpower. The person could be Lacking self-confidence and would not be able to defend his rights and his self respect.


Om Tat Sat


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