What happens when Sun gets debilitated (neecha or weak)


Lord Surya (Sun) is the source of all energy which sustains the entire solar system including all life form on earth. It’s also referred as the “King” of the grahas. It bestows great leadership & vatility when it’s in the good state, however when it’s weak, it:

(a) Makes a person dishonest
(b) devious
(c) physical weakness
(d) dull minded
(e) fear
(f) melancholy
(g) lack of perception/judgement/discretion
(h) lack of intelligence

The Sun gets debilitated when it’s in the Rasi of Tula. The air and Fire together will create uncontrolled energy. It will become like a forest fire which will destroy everything without creating anything. In an individual, it will create pride and arrogance which in reality will be because of deep seated insecurity because Sun is weak and will be malefically disposed in its inimical sign ruled by Venus.

Om Tat Sat



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