Late or Troubled Marriage – A Jyotisa Perspective

late marriageBefore even beginning, what is late in late marriage 🙂 35, 40, 45, 50? Living in a world that money is everything, we have developed a ‘scheme’ on what & why a marriage should be even considered in the first place. Money has become the driving force is every aspect of our life, and needless to say that it has taken control of us indirectly and for some directly. Thus, a late marriage is only because one is not financially fit! or atleast this is what most are thinking.

The truth behind a late marriage is not money, but how a planet is positioned in ones chart. There are various planetary configurations/yogas which causes marriage problems, but the general karakas (significator) for marriage are Venus & Jupiter.

Here’s some configuration for late or troubled marriages
(a) Venus is the planet of love and relationship if Venus conjunct with malefic planets like Saturn, Sun and Ketu or Saturn aspects Venus they damage the energy of Venus

(b) Sun is inimical towards Venus, and it would be bad if Venus is in Simha(Leo) rasi.

(c) Jupiter is debilitated, retrograde or combusted delay in marriage and create disharmony in married life.

(d) If you’re Kataka(cancer) or Simha(Leo) Lagna and Saturn rule 7th house. A late marriage is recommended, or else there will be separation or divorce.

(e) Sun in the 7th or aspecting 7th house.

(f) Mars is the planet of fighting, if Mars sitting in 7th house or aspect 7th house person should marry late otherwise it create problem in married life. Mars energy get matured in age 28 the person should get marry after 28.

(g) Rahu is obsessive, compulsive planet. It gives unconventional marrige if it sits in 7th house it makes person to attract intensely and makes person obsessive and the person may marry early but Rahu is also illusion it also get native separated after illusion get over. People who have Rahu in the 7th house should think thoroughly before getting married.

(h) Ketu is the planet of detached and disinterested in materialistic world if Ketu comes in 7th house the person is not interested in marriage unless Jupiter or Venus aspect the Ketu.

(i) Retrograde, combust and debilitated planets in 7th house can cause delays in the marriage.

(j) The 2nd and 4th house considered of family, any malefic planet like Saturn, Ketu and Moon with Ketu sitting in 2nd and 4th house can delay in marriage.

Om Tat Sat


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