Ishta Devata reference


– Agni (Parashara) or Lord Shiva (Jaimini)

– Jaala (Parashara) or Goddess Gowri (Jaimini)

– Lord Skanda/Subramanya (Parashara) or Lord Narasimha or Lord Hanuman(also for Saturn)

– Lord Visnu (Parashara & Jaimini)

– Lord Indra (Parashara) or Sri Dattatreya

– Goddess Mahalakshmi

– Lord Brahma (Parashara) or Lord Hanuman

– Goddess Durga or any form of Shakti

– Lord Ganesha


2 thoughts on “Ishta Devata reference

  1. In some explanation was said, that we have to look the Atma karaka in D9 and than look the twelfth house from it’s placement in the D1 not in the D9. Wich is correct? The other thing is, on some pages the Istha Devatas are only the incarnations of Vishnu. The third that I found that not the D9 but D20 is important to look for Istha Devata. Why there are so many differences?

    Can you tell me my Istha avatar?

    Name: Krisztián Csaba Agod
    Birth date: July 2. 1981.
    Birth time: 22:55
    Birth place: Berettyóújfalu 47N13′; 21E33′

    Thanks for replying. 

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