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” I endeavour to render this service in accordance with Jyotisa scriptures however I make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with regards to the astrological services that are rendered on this page. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk “

Upon confirmation of payment, you would receive an email requesting your details to begin working on your chart. There’s an option for comments before making payment in PayPal. Please use that to let me know which email should I be using to contact you.

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Remedies USD9
Knowing a problem is useless until working on a solution for it.
This service hears your problems and suggests both astrological and practical remedies. This is a great gift, for someone who is in a need for a change or improvement in life.Duration: 3 days excluding weekends (this duration keeps changing based on volume of requests)
Jātaka | Life Analysis UDS207
personalised audio(mp3) recording done by myself on the analysis of your natal chart that includes the 12 facets of life (relationship, financial, health, spiritual propensities, etc) , personality traits, weaknesses and strengths, false ego and much more. This recording is normally 2 half to 3 hours. Specific Vedic remedial measures are provided at the end of the report to fix serious issues and to align oneself with the universe.

Duration: 10 days excluding weekends (this duration keeps changing based on volume of requests)

Varshapala (tājika) USD153
This is an annual report that’ll provide possible events that would unfold for a 12 month period. Having this report keeps us vigilant from inauspicious events or take advantage of favourable times. Evidently, over the years, people who followed the guidance in the report had seen tremendous improvement in their life. You’ll receive an audio (mp3) report about 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of your chart. Specific Vedic remedial measures are provided at the end of the report to fix serious issues and to align oneself with the universe.

Duration: 6 days excluding weekends (this duration keeps changing based on volume of requests)

Praśna | Specific Questions USD54/each
This service is to provide you with your specific question(s). This is if you are interested to know specific matters. An example would be like “I’ve applied for a Visa, what are my chances?” or “I’m planning to further my studies, would engineering be better than medicine?” Each question is thoroughly analysed by dynamically assessing your chart.

Duration: 5 days excluding weekends (this duration keeps changing based on volume of requests)


22 thoughts on “Consultations

  1. hi Prakash I am facing some big decisions to make in life and will like to have a session with you. Can you please provide your phone so that we can have a brief chat to set it up. I prefer speaking to you first so that I know which type of session will be useful. Please reply to me at with your contact details.

    Vijay from London

  2. I cannot thank enough for your reading and guidance you gave me. I gained new insights new advice and highly meticulous that only Prakash was able to pierce through and reveal them. I’ve been studying western astrology on my own for almost 30 years, had many consultations, but this insightful and an eye opening reading with Prakash has proved to be quite astonishingly accurate on the dot. I got truly amazing results to help my relationship with my son within a week things have changed in the house and my son was calm and peaceful, and still is. Prakash readings are so true and accurate it made my ego humble. He not only brings to conscious awareness and reveals the deeper layers of oneself and why the same problems occur but he also gives you tools how to help and heal, and this is truly a miracle. With his Vedic consultations you get more for your money and you also gain a true friend. I recommend him highly.

  3. Hi Sir,
    I was watching your video on marriage timing, You said if the upapada is the 12th house its a bad sign, Did you mean the lord of the upapada in the 12th?

    1. Namaste,
      Both actually the UL (upapadha lagna) and it’s lord. Jyotisa is highly dynamic when it comes to analysis, one has to look at every angle.
      Thank you sir.

  4. dear sir i am interested in a consultation.I first require some questions answered about the consultation, before i schedule.

  5. Sir you are a great . To the point astrologer I really like you . Can you please make my life report . Here I am making a request I’m not in a position to pay you now but as soon as I am able I shall pay you the charges its my promise. Please help me as charity basis God will help you.
    Thanks & regards
    Junaid Akhter
    Dob 12 Feb 1980
    Tob 15:30
    Dhaka Bangladesh.

  6. I am writing this with lots of hope and belief. I am a female and was born on 01-May-1974 at 16:15 (4:15PM) in Alleppey, Kerala. I recently heard that Rahur dasha started for me sometime last year and will continue for 18 years. I am working as software engineer. Recently there were some hurdles at work and for the last few days I am observing a quiet period (thank god for that). Last year I had fights with my husband many times. Now I am learning to control myself. We have 2 kids (6 year old daughter and 4 year old son). Will my rahur affect our kids? My daughter is in rahur too(DOB: 28-10-2009, 04:34PM at Coimbatore). It would be a great help if I could know in which house Rahu is placed for both of us and what major problems are on my way and what prayers/poojas would help me to solve the problems in personal/family/professional lives. I am waiting for your valuable reply.

  7. Dear shri prakash,

    The Service remedies mentioned here is only for any specific question and life reading charges are some what higher for indian seeker. Can you have customised your service for remedie as per birth chart for all negative / weak faces?

  8. Hello, I’ve just watched your videos on youtube. I was wondering if you still offer consultation since your videos were uploaded one year ago.

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